Holistic trauma solution

How much easier will it be, when I get rid of my old injuries?

The special feature of this treatment is that the physical aspect of the trauma solution is combined with the energetic aspect and thus a more holistic result can be achieved.

The holistic trauma solution takes place on  4 evenings.

Additional included in the price is a personal process support (1 week) including a follow-up date.

Mental and physical border crossings, stress, destiny, injuries and traumas are manifested in the body on both structural and energetic levels. The body does not distinguish between past and present experiences. Because of this, past injuries are stored in the body memory and become visible by repeated patterns. These patterns can occur in the form of acts, feelings or pain in the body

Together with the very ambitious physiotherapist Hannah Gantner, who has specialized in the treatment of pain and trauma, we cover both the physical and the energetic area.


1. Evening: Monday at 18:00


2. Evening: Wednesday at 19:30

Relieve by bodywork process

TRE® (Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercise) is a series of exercises that stress, acute and chronic tension in the body, which is manifested in everyday situations, in difficult situations, sudden or protracted stressful situations or due to traumatic life experiences (e.g. natural catastrophes, social or domestic violence, etc.) in the body stored. On this evening, the participants will learn a series of exercises for selfhelp.

3.Evening:  Friday at 18:00

Energetic liberation of beliefs, patterns and blockages of old injuries

On this evening, all participants have the opportunity to ask questions about abuse, border crossing and trauma, and we will use the tools of Access Consciousness and Quantum Healing to change all the thoughts, emotions you think you cannot change

4.Evening: Monday at 18:00

Hoʻoponopono is a Hawaiian practice of forgiveness


Included in the Price

Personal accompaniment during the entire process. During this period, the participants are connected to each other and with us in order to accompany the process well (e.g. intensified emotions, dreams or minor flashbacks) other areas of life After-care (personal appointment) to reflect the process and to invite even more ease in other areas of life.

At Interest registration under office@weiblichkeitsentfaltung.at

For legal reasons, I would like to inform you that we do not make diagnoses and do not offer therapies in our work. These things should be clarified with your doctor. Thank you for your understanding.