For many young girls, being a woman is associated with the monthly menstrual discomforts and is thus viewed as a burden. The tabu covering menstruation and lack of attention for the topic lead to blind spots in society’s perception, instead of recognizing the beauty and enormous power hidden within every cycle. We are missing rites of passage designed to get young women acquainted with the phases of the cycle and the appropriate ways of handling them. Ignorance about one’s own body will later negatively affect menstruation and other aspects of life. My workshops aim at counteracting this alienation of women and girls from their own body their own feminine energy.

The project “Say Yes to Yourself” tries to remedy a lack of self-worth and awareness of the body in girls. These workshops for young girls are ideally offered shortly before entering puberty or during puberty and give the opportunity to playfully explore the strengths of womanhood. A positive relationship to one’s own body is formed, a sense of community within a group of girls is increased and proper handling of the menstrual cycle is taught. Exercises are followed by reflection and Q&A. Upon request, initiation parties can be organized for the arrival of the Menarche.

Content of the Workshops

My Body – my home
How is my relation with my body? Exercises to strengthen one’s own body consciousness and appreciation of oneself.

Women’s group
What are the benefits of menstruation and how can I manage my daily life with the monthly bleeding? How can other girls support me? Exercises to strengthen the girls’ network.

What role as a woman would I like to play?                                                                                          What different female roles are known to me? Slide into different roles and change perspectives.

In love and rooted
How can one love someone else without losing oneself in the feeling?
How can you be liked by someone else without bending yourself?                                                              A good deal with wishes, expectations, hopes and first love.

Dance yourself free
How can one regain joy in the movement and one’s body through dance?
Presentation exercises, to put the shyness away, to show oneself


  • I promise to deal with everything in the circle discreetly and confidentially. I create trust.
  • I listen actively without evaluating. I am present.
  • I accept myself and speak only of myself. I know only my truth. I only know my truth
  • I can embrace and accept. I receive.
  • I take responsibility for myself and respect my own limits.
  • I don’t have to do or change anything. I may be.
  • I take time and space for myself and do not compare. I’ll stay by myself.
  • I am not looking for answers. I live the question.